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Richard Bowen


Senior Vice President, Genterra Enterprises

Richard Bowen is an accomplished higher education leader and business innovator. Richard is known for developing and creating high performing teams and complex higher education

and business initiatives driving student enrollment and revenue. Richard has 21 years of experience in higher education designing and managing successful university finance and

administration, research and technology incubators, business startups, healthcare and university facility development. Bowen’s 34-year career has encompassed over $5 billion in business startups, real estate acquisitions, development, and building construction in a wide range of public and private entities. For Genterra, Richard leads the pursuit of healthcare research and university development projects for the U.S. market. As senior vice president, he provides leadership support and direction to the development, design, construction, real estate management, and capital markets teams at Genterra.

Prior to Genterra, Richard spent 21 years at Northern Arizona University—a leader, innovator,

and pioneer in developing and implementing new modalities, technologies, and didactics for

campus development and growth. His roles included vice president and associate vice president with oversight of finance and administration, technology transfer, research partnerships, campus planning and development, community engagement, economic development, public/private partnerships, and corporate partnerships. Richard was part of a senior executive team that increased student enrollment from 15,000 students to 31,000 students and tripled revenue.

Richard served on the executive development team for the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. He was involved in the beginning with a tri-university collaborative that planned and built a modern, advanced, new campus including a medical school, health sciences education building, research buildings, cancer center, translational genetics and genomics institute, and parking structures in downtown Phoenix. According to a recent study commissioned by the University of Arizona, the economic impact of the Phoenix Biomedical Campus is over $1.3 billion every year and has created over 9,400 jobs in Arizona. To date, the park has been developed with approximately 1.5 million square feet of the anticipated six million square feet at build out.

Richard Bowen
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